What Now (feat. J-Rod)

[ARTWORK] Notoriety - The Ground Table

“A majority of Rap music today has somehow managed to turn itself into a 40-year old with a mid-life crisis. The era of evolution has begun. Phases have come, boundaries faded and lines have been blurred. As we look to the future, we ask, What Now?!” – Notoriety

“What Now”, produced by L. Boyd, features J-Rod (a long-time emcee friend of Notoriety/fellow Brocktonian) and is the second single off of Notoriety’s upcoming mixtape, “The Ground Table”, which will be releasing Summer 2014. Each of the 15 songs on it will feature one or more independent artists/producers Notoriety, themselves, are fans of. Coming together as one is key, to us, the entire indie commUNITY and for the future of Hip Hop.

[ARTWORK BACK] Notoriety - The Ground Table

*Mixtape artwork designed by Jacob Leidolf (of Scope Urban Apparel)